To my best bud KO, marriage blessings. ❤️

I have a friend named KO that I have known forever. She finally got married (proving she wasn’t the lipstick lesbian I joked she was, ahahhahah) Any way, I just wanted to stop by today’s post and tell the world how happy I am that she has found her life’s love / happiness AND tell a story of two kids who grew up together in the heart land:

Long ago I met a friend named KO who was one of the coolest chicks I have ever known. I was a bad boy as a young man and an exotic dancer with issues. KO helped me see that I was destroying my life. She helped me look in the mirror and say to myself that it wasn’t God or Luck that would change me, only I could do that for myself. She taught me so many lessons I could never have learned without her. I can’t put into words how much KO’s presence in my life or the lessons we learned together as kids taught me to be the man I am today. I will also admit in this one time post that I fucked up our relationship and let this beautiful woman down. KO was that one person that taught me to never take a woman for granted ever again. There could never be enough apologies on Earth to make up for being such a selfish alcoholic son of a bitch that I was back then but at the time we were both battling our own demons. So as expected, we fell apart but she always kept an eye on my sorry ass like a mother tending to her lost sheep. We parted long ago as lovers because were just toxic and life went it’s separate ways. However, over the years, KO was my biggest fan, like when the band got signed and I was whisked off to Los Angels or even in the dark days when my wife was sick, KO was that beautiful soul that never failed us and when my wife finally passed away, KO told me that one thing I needed to hear to get me through.

She said: “You are the strongest man I ever known, and you know all that music you make or things you write, that’s not why the world loves you, they love you because of who you are right now and I for one have never been more proud of another human being than I am of you right now. This is why I loved you and this is also why I let your wife have you. She was the best thing that ever could have happened to you So, don’t be sad, you were an ANGEL with an angel and together you borh were the meaning of heaven.”

Damn, right? Now that’s a compadre right there!

When you hear stories of terrible people and negative relationships that destroy the soul’s of their partners and people give up on each other or ❤️ in the aftermath, please just remember this post. Remember my story of a woman I loved enough to make sure she found her happiness. A friend I care for deep in my heart, not as a former lover or haunting memory but rather, someone who I grew up with to make us both better people for the people we love and will spend the rest of our lives with. KO is that person for me. The one and only ex I ever kept in contact with because some souls are kindred. Brother and sister, two idiots who partied too hard and woke up on the other side of hell saving each other’s lives. We have both been clean and sober for a very long time. We have both became better people who help others for a very long time as well because we had each other in our lives. I want to thank KO for being in my life. I have no second chance at music without her. I have no new shot at love without the encouraging words from my sis. You are my nothing and everything all at the same time. If I find a new lady to cherish, I will look back and thank you for helping me understand what love is and how to give it. I am thrilled for your new journey doll.

To see you so happy only fills my heart with joy my friend and to think of those two fucked up kids made it through all this to make it here? I can do nothing but smile. KO and I prove how a man and woman can work together to live wonderful and happy lives apart while still loving each other enough to care. ❤️ She is my friend. I love you my friend. Thank you for saving me and giving me a second chance at life. No matter what happens from here on out, I am titanium and that is only because I had a friend like you.

Love & Spanks,




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